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Free books!

Our operations and distribution efforts will be centered around the EASTON AREA PUBLIC LIBRARY in an effort to get local parents and their children to explore the resources at its disposal.

For our first season, all available free copies of the books will be located at the Library and can be picked up starting February 1st and ending March 30th. 

Bring your ticket to the front desk and show it (on your phone or printed out) for a free book!

Additionally, due to Covid-19, the library is also offering a curbside pick-up service


Follow these steps:

1. Visit

2. Place your holds online or over the phone

3. Wait for confirmation notification

4. Pull into curbside spot

5. Call the # on the sign 

6. Wait in car for delivery

515 Church St., Easton, PA 18042


To view ticket in another window

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