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The Lafayette Men’s Soccer program is a Division I collegiate program committed to success and leadership both on and off the field. Our coaching staff and players continuously work together in an effort to achieve high athletic performance, while also making efforts to positively impact the community. 


Literacy and Racial Equality: In the wake of the events of 2020, the team has decided to focus its community efforts on promoting literacy in children. The Easton, PA area is home to a very diverse population of children and our hope is to reach as any families as we can during these difficult times. We believe that encouraging children to get excited about reading will prove to be extremely beneficial for their future academic and career aspirations.


What We Envision: We have partnered with a multitude of different organizations in the Easton Area that are involved with children of various age groups and grade levels. We plan on utilizing these connections in order to promote and introduce several seasons of free book content every year. Each reading season will have an overarching theme that will correspond to the books that have been selected as well as to potential add-on in the future. The start of each reading season will be announced through social media and traditional media outlets to help promote and potentially raise money for the book club. 


Our Partnerships: So far, we have established connections with the following organizations: Boys and Girls Club, YMCA Forks Education Center, YMCA School Age Program, Easton Area Public Library, Easton Elementary School District, Easton Community Center, Barbershop Books, Easton Hunger Coalition. 

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